The Torrington School Reunion

July 29, 2006

Thanks to Robert Friesen, Gwen and Ron Rice for providing many names.  Viewers are invited to add names to any unknown students. 

Please copy the existing group names, add your additional names and e-mail the updated group names to Wayne Hawthorne at: webmaster 

Other photos gratefully received, please include names where possible. 


Robert Friesen, Ron Hodgson, Jim Page

Viola Anhorn and husband Roland Ziegler

Standing: Sherry Page and Donna Woods   
Sitting: Joanne (Dundas) Lavender and Sandy (Mrs.Jan Molendyk)


Jan Molendyk, Eric Hawthorne, Robert Friesen


Jan Molendyk, Eric Hawthorne

Mac and Gerry Hutton

Back Row: L-R Alex Benedict, Ron Rice, Len Litz,  Danny Dole, Betty Dole, Maureen Leischner, Laurence Leischner, Garnet Bauer.
Middle Row: L-R:  Sharon Benedict, Dale Mauck, Marj Mauck, Linda (Gaetz) Bridger, Sue Litz, Diane Bauer.
Front Row: L-R: Gwen (Reddekopp) Rice, Lola Jean (Rice) Hazel, Allen Hazel, Carol (Pederson), Ken Busby.


Linda (Gaetz) Bridger, Ron Helm, Gwen (Reddekopp) Rice


(Ref-G1)  Back not posed for the picture are Allen Weimer, partial face is Diane Bauer, and Dwayne Rempfer,  On right side of picture facing wall is Dennis Manning and guest.


Back row:  Joyce Middlestead, Lloyd Ratzlaff, Ron Briegel, Ron Helm, Herb Bachler.

Front row: Jean (Rempfer) Sparks, Arlene (Zeigler) Weber, Gwen (Reddekopp) Rice, Linda (Gaetz) Bridger, Robert Friesen.


Ron Rice, Sherrel (Rempfer) Richards, Diane (Albrecht) Bauer, Lyall Carter, Linda Bridger, Judy (Enzie) Rebryna, Glen Keiver, Sharon (Whatley) Page.

(Ref-G2) Back row:  L-R Gwen (Reddekopp) Rice, Doreen (Bauer) McRae (Bauer Twin), Evelyn (Ernst) Bauer, Jim Page, Ken Kruger, Rick Fobes, Sherman Rilling, Jack Gorr.
Middle Row: L-R Larry Weimer, Donna Wood, Audrey (Newman) Bates, Beverly (Newman) Bond, Cheryl (Berreth) Montgomery, Wally Bauer, Darrell Knight, Calvin Wheeler.
Front Row: Marj (Albrecht) Mauck, Judy (Keiver) Weimer, Sherry (Enzie) Page, Viola (Anhorn) Ziegler, Ron Dronyk, Pearl (Silversides) Henwood, Rick Vickery.


(Ref-G3) Back row: L-R  Glen Keiver, Keith Smith, Arnie Bigelow, Ron Hodgson, John Penner, Ron Briegel, Joyce Middlestead, Ron Helm, Bob Friesen.
Front Row: L-R Dwayne Smith, Evelyn (Carson) Jones, Linda (Gaetz) Bridger, Joanne (Dundas) Lavender, Eleanor (Charlton) Saunders, Ruth (Leischner) Burt, Selma Penner,  Allan Weimer, Carol (Petersen) Busby.


Torrington School Jacket on Left

Back Row: Jack Gorr; Helen (Sunberg) Doering, ?, Joan Carter, Ernie Hansen, Keith Flinn, Dennis Manning, Clifford Proctor, Jerry Gorr, Jerry Petersen

Middle Row: Top of head, ? , ?, Judy (Enzie) Rebryna, ? , Jim Frizzell, Alfred Hansen, ?

Front Row:  Dianne (Albrecht) Bauer - wearing Torrington Jacket, ? , Betty (Scheurer) Dorn, Darlene (Enzie) Weisenburger, ? , Agnes (Enzie) Simpson,  Irene (Minich) Everest, Dale Mauck


ORIGINAL Torrington School Jacket

(Ref-G4) Back Row: L-R Ken Schafer,Shervyn Grusie, Alex Benedict, Alvin Kimmel, Robert Smith, Ken Busby, Ron Carter, Jack Gorr, Helen (Sundberg) Doering, Hidden face-Gordon Gill, Joan Carter, Ernie Hansen, Keith Flinn, Dennis Manning.
Middle Row: L-R Far left,?, Cordella (Flinn) Scarlett, Pat (Flinn) Krause, Carol-Ann (Benedict) Schmierer, Diane (Whatley) Smith, ?,  Marie(Kruger) Stanley, Judy (Enzie) Rebryna, hidden face?, Shirley (Zinn) Flinn, Irene (Minich) Everest.
Front Row: L-R Mary Bigelow-Justik, Dianne (Albrecht) Bauer with Torrington Jacket, Vera (Lachman) Neufeld, ?, Blue Suit is Betty (Scheurer) Dorn, Darlene (Enzie) Weisenberger


(Ref-G5) Back Row: L-R Robert Mashford, Marvin Bauer, Cyril Ferguson, ?, Ken Tovell, Laurence Leischner, Alex Ehrman, Marg (Ehrman) McMow, Jean (Rempfer) Sparks, Len Litz, Arnie Bigelow, ?, Ken Schafer.
Middle Row: L-R ?, Jean(Hausauer) Finlay, Stella (Piepke) Poffenroth, ?, Garry Doering, Gordon Schafer, Marion (Schafer) Leischner, Jeanette (Reddekopp) Weibe, ?, Cordella (Flinn) Scarlett,  Irene (Mashford) Peters, Alvin Kimmel, Ralph Krause.
Front Row: L-R Olga (Minich) Pickering, Betty (Gorr) Martin, Evelyn (Smith) Booth, Wilma (Ortwein) Bauer, Don Bauer (Sitting), Alice (Leischner) Schafer, Victor Leischner, Diane (Tippe) Enzie, Dennis Tippe, Ruby Loewen. ? bottom right corner.


(Ref-G6) Back Row: L-R Eric Hawthorne, Jack Benedict, Dwayne Rempfer, Robert Mashford, Marvin Bauer, Cyril Ferguson,?, Ken Tovell, Laurence Leischner, Alex Ehrman, Marg (Ehrman) McMow, Jean (Rempfer) Sparks, Len Litz.
Middle Row: L-R Garnet Bauer, Don Ehrhardt,?, June (Hausauer) Finley,?, ?, Garry Doering, Gordon Schafer, Marion (Schafer) Leischner, Jeanette (Reddekopp) Wiebe, Cordella (Flinn) Scarlett
Front Row: L-R Janet (Bauer) Herr, Olga (Minich) Pickering, Janice (Kruger) Godberson-standing behind Olga Pickering, Betty (Martin) Gorr, Evelyn (Smith) Booth, Wilma (Ortwein) Bauer, sitting - Don Bauer, Alice (Leischner) Schafer, Victor Leischner, Diane (Tippe) Enzie, Dennis Tippe,?, Ruby Loewen, ?
Sitting in bottom rt. corner: Lyall Carter with green shirt and Carol (Whatley) Glimpel.


(Ref-G7) Back Row: L-R Kathy Jamison, Don Knecht, Ernie Rice, Herb Bachler, Del Berreth, Gilbert Grusie, John Fuchs,  Bert Graf , Albert Ernst.
Middle Row: L-R  Stella (Piepke) Poffenroth, ? Aleata (Piepke) Greke, Doris (Piepke) , Agnes (Enzie) Simpson, ?, Reuben Enzie.
Front Row: L-R Pearl (Ritz) Sultan, Illa Rue (Rice) Skeith, Beatrice (Berreth ) Folkmann, Alice (Enzie) Rowland, Eva (Ernst) Zelm, Lola (Rice) Hazel, Delores (Doering) Jensen.


A gully washer to clear the air




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