Here are photos of our 2013 visit to Casa Amada in Guanabo, Cuba


Our Amada

Casa Amada

The ocean is about 150 feet north

Local farmer selling yucca (juca)

Fortification to observe invading Americanos from Estados Unidos

Candidates in upcoming election

Janelli with daughter and son and Marilyn

Beisboll notice bare feet

A quiet day at the playa (beach)

Rocks placed to break up higher waves


Loro, the talking parrot

One of many horse drawn carriages

Looking west from atop the fortification

Looks like Bob Friesen's old International

Windsurfing is popular.  East of the dock, military installations.

Horsing around.  Fancy pre-revolution benches.  Concrete seats for warm climates only.

Gallo Zopa  (Rooster Soup)  Boil for three days.

Marilyn's birthday bash.

New house being built at this corner.  Notice concrete utility poles with built in ladder.

Old Fordillac station wagon

gaviota bird

Heidi, our hair dresser will be employed on a cruise ship in 2015

breakfast is coming

School bus with kids in school uniform.

Nino the gato

Looks like happy something.  Any excuse for a celebration and some nice sugary flan with sugar topping.

Americano/Cubano Dayron Hernandez, visiting his grandparents in Guanabo.

An unusually empty bus.

Nevi did the long finger nails.

Sitting and dining area.

Angel taking a break.

Amada still fits into her Army jacket.

And school kids coming home.

Nevi doing nails again-still.

Ready to hit the hay.  Windows have screens and louveres.

Janelli making 6 course meal in impossibly small kitchen.

Dr. Pancho healing Amada.

Angel working on his pedi taxi.

Interesting napkin holder.

Dayron with his in-your-Cuban-face MASH tee shirt.

55-6? Chevy

Who is Grumpy on Marilyn's birthday?

CDR (Committee for the Defense of the Revolution meetings are regularly held in front of this home.

Bano (Bathroom) under construction.

Palm leaves, coconuts, tree limbs, picked up and hauled away.

Marilyn's birthday bash setting up.

Park well to the side to let other traffic pass.

I dealt Marilyn a 29 hand.


Birthday bash underway.  Neat tee shirt there kid. (Angel's grandson) who is now a super champion suduko player.

Running for election.

Singing Happy Birthday (Feliz Cumpleanos) in Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese.